Различные отрасли бизнеса и
государственного управления

AMT GROUP implements projects for a variety of business sectors and public administration, most actively working in telecom, finance, O&G, industry, transport and public sector.

The AMT GROUP’s industry-specific experience boosts the effectiveness and reduces the time of implementations, reduces project risks and allows to provide future IT systems development and scaling.

AMT Group develops and implements its solutions in different industries. During any project implementation the  AMT Group  is aimed at customer’s specific activities and his business requirements. In combination with prospect information technologies implemented by the AMT Group, it will allow develop solutions promoting growth and efficiency  increase of public institutions and commercial entities.

AMT Group is striving to create atmosphere of mutual confidence and partnership with its customers. Since 1994 AMT Group has been implementing thousands of projects for leading Russian telecom companies, O&G, finance, transport companies and public institutions.

Public institutions

  • Multi-service telecom network, command  and control communications system and modernization of corporate communication network  of the State  Customs Committee of the Russian Federation 
  • Multi-service telecom network  of the Ministry of Natural Resources  of the Russian Federation , large scale utilization of  video conference communication  system
  • Data transfer network  of Bushkortostan Republic
  • Audio & Video Conferencing system for Federal Treasury
  • Technological infrastructure for Moscow State Pedagogical University
  • Wi-Fi network for Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI)

Fuel-and-Power Sector

  • Technologic communication networks for RAO GAZPROM  projects  GOFO-2,  Iamal-1 and Iamal-2 
  • SDH- transport  network  along  oil-pipe lines  Sukhogolnaya –Rodionovskaya and Drughba  of the  Joint-Stock company Transneft
  • Multi-service network  of the OJSC Sibneft
  • Information Security System for OGK-2
  • The concept for information security system in OGK-1
  • Delivery and preparation of technical infrastructure for RODOS implementing in “Rosenergoatom” concern
  • Corporate network for «Yuganskneftegas»


  • Corporate network of the  Ufa Engine-Building Production Association
  • Network infrastructure of the JSC Nighnetagilsky metallurgical plant ,
  • Distributed corporate network  of the Ural Optical Mechanical Plant
  • Corporate network of the  JSC Nevinnomysk AZOT
  • Data center for Ural Optic and Mechanic Plant (UOMZ)
  • Multiservice corporate network and engineering systems for data center of OJSC “Minudobreniya” in Rossosh
  • Data center for Ryazan State Device Plant
  • Corporate storage system, collaboration support, information security and IT monitoring and management system for mining company “AfroAsia”


  • Corporate data transfer network  of the Savings Bank of Russia  
  • Local computer network  of the Sate Computation Center  and of the central office of the Central Bank of Russia  
  • Republican MPLS network of the  Central Bank of  Uzbekistan
  • Local computer network of the Vnesheconombank
  • Multi-service network of the CB Renessans Capital
  • Multi-service network and corporate IP telephony system of the Ernst Young CIS Moscow office
  • Development concept for URSA Bank’s contact center
  • Fault-tolerant high performance telecommunication system for new “Home Credit’s” information processing center
  • Contact center for “MDM Bank”
  • IT-infrastructure for territorial administration of “International Financial Club” private bank
  • Data network and IP-telephony system in the main office of “OTP Bank”


  • Transport network  for computer-aided system  for  transit payment  by smart tickets
  • Centralized  Video Security Systems  and Moscow Metro emergency communications system
  • Oktiabrsky Railway alarm and engineering communication system  

Mass-media  and others

  • OJSC NTV-Plus Call Processing Center
  • Vogue Russian  Editorial Office multi-service telecom network 


  • Trunk access  Internet   network and flexible multiplexer network   of the OJSC Rostelecom
  • Data transfer network  of common use  based on ADSL technology of  the OJSC MGTS (project Tochka.Ru)
  • System of voice traffic transit based  on VoIP technology, central node and  a number of local nods of CJSC TransTeleCom  
  • ​CJSC Rascom trunk IP –network
  • International transport network of the CJSC  MTU Inform
  • Regional multi-service MPLS network  of the Southern Telecommunication company
  • Complex of voice packets  transmission  based on the IP protocol for GSM operator Telecom   XXI
  • Kirgiztelecom Internet  access central node
  • Traffic  SDH-network of the CJSC Macomnet
  • Multi-service ATM network of company group Farlep (Ukraine)   
  • Wide-band access network of the CJSC Peterstar
  • Moscow segment of the traffic  Cable Wireless SDH-network
  • Multi-service corporate network Telmos 
  • Cisco Contact Center IPCC of the OJSC TAIF-TELCOM
  • Contact center for OJSC "NTV-plus"
  • Quality management system for “NTV-plus”
  • Multiservice data network for CJSC “KOMSTAR-Ukraine”
  • Access network for “MSS-Povoljie”
  • Access network for “Dalsatcom”
  • Technological radio broadband network for CJSC “ROILCOM”
  • Operational Support System (OSS) и and business system modernization in “KOMKOR”
  • Fault management system based on IBM Tivoli Netcool software for Moscow filial of OJSC “MegaFon”
  • Next Generation Network in Almaty (Kazakhstan) for JSC “Kazakhtelecom”